Compilation + Update Schedule

Hi everyone!!!!!

2 short announcements! 😉

First, all parts for Volume 1 have been compiled into full chapters. Read the chapters in full now~

Second, due to feedback, there may be some changes to the update schedule. I may consider updating only when full chapters are done instead of the bi-weekly part updates. For full chapter updates, the update schedule will probably be changed to 3-4 weeks per update. Please do comment and let me know which system you guys prefer! ^__^

Thanks and cya around~


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11 thoughts on “Compilation + Update Schedule

  1. i think weekly update (or in your case biweekly) is the best since it’s not too long and some people only have a few time to read such long LN. but of course it’s up to you since you are the translator and i am just a reader.

  2. Hi Misa-chan, I really don’t care that much about which system you use. As the others said, it is up to your convenience. If I were to really pick one, I would prefer full chapter update, because I personally dislike unfinished stories. However, again, it is up to you.

  3. Hi Misa-chan!
    I think I have to agree with Hisname, I definitely don’t really like unfinished stories, but like everyone said , it’s up to you to make the decision

    Anyways, I wish you the best!

  4. Although my personal preference would be for the more frequent “part” updates rather than waiting months for an entire chapter to be competed, it is up to you Misa-sama. (Volume 2/Chapter 1 had 14 parts posted before it was compiled into a single entry)

    Go at your own pace, the story updates don’t *need* to be posted weekly. Paraphrasing a point I made to others several times before you joined this group: we all lose if we don’t take care of the translator.

    • Thank you for your kind understanding. Life has been busy lately but translations have been ongoing on my side. Chapter 2 is almost done, it will be up by the end of the week. 😉


  5. Just follow the way you feel more comfortable with.
    I’m a person who is too impatient to wait for things like this (I used to store a “decent” amount of tapes with episodes of what I wanted to watch so that I could watch at my own pace).
    Just translate at the speed you need to.
    My first pass at the beginning of the first chapter was enough to catch me. The quality is good and I’m eager to read it. (if I start to read now I’ll just be too eager that I won’t be able to withstand myself :))

    • P.S.
      Besides, the end result is the same. If I, as a reader, would read at the same pace as if you were releasing weekly, the end result is the same :). Just do at the pace you need to go

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