Update – 28 June 2014

Hey fellow Ojamajo~

Just a small apology that this next chapter is taking a while, as I just returned from a long vacation. m(_ _)m Will do my very best to get the chapter up and out within the next 2 weeks, so just hang in there!!!

In exchange, here’s a short snippet from the upcoming chapter, when the Ojamajo go ghost-hunting. 😉


We were chatting happily when the topic of New Year shrine visits came up. I was telling everyone how I’d never knew about that shrine which was a mere fifteen minute walk from my house.

“There were lots of trees, but it was still quite bright and cheerful. Pop wrote a votive tablet there too.”

I thought it was an interesting topic, yet everyone had fallen silent. In fact, Ai-chan and Shinshuu-kun had really weird expressions on their faces.

“W-what’s wrong? Is something the matter?” I asked as I pulled on Ai-chan’s shirt collar. “Ai-chan, do you know something about the place? What is it? Is it haunted or something?”

“No, Harukaze-san, there’s nothing to worry about,” Shinshuu-kun hurriedly assured me.

“But we prayed for Pop’s success there! And Mum and Dad told us that it was a great place too! No—,” I blubbered as I started to panic.

“Shinshuu-kun already told you not to worry,” Ai-chan replied, flustered.

Just then, Onpu-chan stepped in to break up the pandemonium.

“Yes, it’s true that something has happened there recently, right? Shinshuu-kun, do you know anything about that?”

Yes, Onpu-chan was always the calm and reliable one.

“You mean those spiky things? Or that hundred worship ritual thing?” Momo-chan interjected.

Just what are you rambling about, Momo-chan?

“Actually, I’ve heard some rumours too. It’s not that far from Karen Girls’ Academy’s campus, and some friends who take that road to school during the winter vacation had told me some scary stories,” Hazuki-chan whispered, trembling like a baby squirrel.

“But it’s really nothing to be afraid of. It’s just that some people have been hearing children’s voices there…”

“Could it be a murder? I mean, it was pretty empty when we visited, even though it was New Year’s Day!”

Aaah—. Pop, run for your life—.

“Calm down, Doremi-chan. Shinshuu-kun, please tell us more,” Onpu-chan requested, completely ignoring my panic.

“Actually, I was thinking of going to check it out. Shall we all go together?” Shinshuu-kun asked.

Shinshuu-kun then arranged to meet us at the shrine after he had dropped off his cake at home. As the cakes in the shop had been mostly sold out, we made quick work of tidying up the shop and getting the materials ready for tomorrow.


Hope you enjoyed that!! ^_^ Look forward to the full chapter soon~~~


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7 thoughts on “Update – 28 June 2014

  1. Well, dont push yourself too much. It’s not like we cant wait a bit longer for the chapter. As always, thanks for translating.

  2. I just stumbled upon this page after being quite disappointed of the sad ending of the anime. I’m really glad that there is more. So I just want to say thank you for this work – it makes my happy to read your translations. (^.^) (Sry for my bad english – no native speaker)

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