Small Status Update

SMALL UPDATE: Stuff kept going on, so Misa-chan, our translator, decided that it would be for the best to take a small break from translating Ojamajo. As soon as things will finally settle down the translation should resume without too many problems. (A small update in a small update… Please, don’t kill me)


Hi everyone, Whitesora here.
I just wanted to let you know that this translation project is NOT dead: stuff has been going on, so our translator, Misa-chan, didn’t have the time to work on her project for those last months.
Don’t worry though: even if it’s going really slowly, the translation is still going and, if everything goes as scheduled, Chapter 6 of Volume 2 should be uploaded by next weekend.

Thanks for your patience.

– Whitesora

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14 thoughts on “Small Status Update

  1. No problem. The translation will get out whenever it does, While I realize you might be getting impatient for material to edit, Misa-sama’s task as translator can be the most stressful one by far.

    While the type of stress differs from this example, think what it would be like if you absolutely *had* to write an entire chapter of your own LN within a couple of hours, but found it very difficult to do so because you were also fighting a bad case of writer’s block.

  2. I understand. I hope Misa-chan can come back.
    I’m too afraid I become hooked to this to a point I can’t wait patiently, though. So I’ll wait for Misa-chan the same way I waited for 2 years for Doremi fansubs. I can wait some months for ojamajo doremi 17/18/19

    • As one of the crew who worked upon the Ojamajo fansub since episode 22 of season 1, (under the pen name “Tooru-kun”) I don’t understand where the “two years” comes in. The longest hiatus in Doremi-fansubs working upon that series was the seven months from May to December 2006, ending shortly after I sent Ladholyman a video CD set of a Chinese dub. That set allowed another translator to take over, using those video CDs as a “Rosetta stone”. (At that time, with the departure of Neclos in May 2006, we didn’t have a translator who was able to translate directly from Japanese)

      The closest I can find to your two years was from before Doremi was founded: the first six episodes of the Ojamajo series were released between April 2003 and Doremi-fansubs founding in August 2005.

      While I understand your impatience, please keep it in check and let Misa-sama work at her own pace. Translating a large work like this is already very stressful without us adding to it.

      Even for those of us who are studying the language, these books can be much harder to understand in places than most conversation.

      • The first time I watched Ojamajo doremi was in dubbed form. It was a decent dub. At that time, I didn’t know the existence of fansubs and I didn’t know it was a japanese animation.

      • I’m not impatient, what I am is someone who doesn’t like indefinite wait due to lack of RL availability or whatever the reason is.
        I can do what I’ve been doing; doing other stuff while this gets translated. I just can’t endure this not being translated.

          • So far, we readers don’t know for sure, there have been rumors of the series ending there. On a similar note though, Toei wanted to close the anime down after the first season, but because of a huge uproar from the fans in Japan, they were persuaded into also giving us the Sharp through Dokka~n seasons, and the Naisho OAV.

            Ojamajo Doremi 18 volume 2 (“2nd Spring has ……”) has the girls graduating. Kodansha (the publishers) announced that 19 will be coming out with another audio CD on December 2. The announcement was made within a single week of 18 volume 2 being released this past June second.

  3. onegai-shimasu misa-chan
    i can’t hold much longer
    when will this chapter be translated
    i hope it will be translated
    mo hitotsu
    otskare-sama deshta
    gambakte ne
    😀 ^_^

    • Please be patient. Paraphrasing Whitesora’s March posting, Misa-sama currently has some other things she needs to take care of that haven’t allowed her much time to work upon the translation.

      The books *will* be translated, but like the fansub of the anime that Ladholyman, Maceart, PsychicKid, myself and a few others completed in December 2014, it might take a bit longer than some wish it would.

    • どういたしまして。 (Dōitashimashite. [or in English, “You’re welcome.”] – It’s a phrase I had gotten wrong on the final exam of a “Beginner’s Japanese” night school course a few years ago.)

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