On Hiatus

Hi everyone, Whitesora here.

Some of you might have already seen this coming, but after waiting for a long time Misa-chan, the translator for Ojamajo, didn’t come back.

For this reason this project is now officially labeled as “On Hiatus/Inactive” and will stay like this for a while. If nothing changes after some time we’ll put this along with the other projects that are currently waiting for a translator.

For now, it’s been a fun ride while it lasted, but I hope it’ll resume in the near future.

– Whitesora

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6 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. I personally believe that Whitesora has changed the status of this project prematurely, Obviously he has not even tried writing even a single page of his own light novel under anything like the impossible conditions he has forced upon Misa-sama: struggling to both translate and type one-handed with the books held open with paper clips.

    At my end it appears that Misa-sama came to NanoDesu in January 2014 for help in editing the work that she had been self-publishing to the web on her blog. At the time, as of December 9, 2013, she had released through book 2 chapter 1 part 8 (of 23). Now the editor that had been working with her since she joined NanoDesu appears to be trying to steal her work and give it to another simply because Misa-sama needed to take a vacation!?

    • Since reading this comment it seems like there are many misunderstandings here…

      First of all, I’m Misa-chan’s Supervisor and have been her editor only temporarily while we were still searching for one. Our current editor is Elenrod, and there is no one trying to steal Misa’s work.
      I can’t discuss in details the reason why Misa wanted to join us, it was NOT because she needed an editor, that’s something that we give to all of our translators as it helps increase the overall quality of every work.
      About labeling this project as “On hiatus”, we’ve been discussing this for months on our private admin board (while also talking with Misa about this), and she told us to label the project as “inactive” if she didn’t come back from her break. We even decided to wait a lot longer than planned for her return, but in the end she never came back.

      Sorry if this comment sounds a bit aggressive, but I hope this will clear all the misunderstandings you may have had.

      • @Whitesora, I apologize. At this end, the decision about placing of this project on hiatus and possibly later giving it to another translator had appeared to have been made without any input whatsoever from Misa-sama. Because we were left “out of the loop”, it made the action appear unethical.

        @brunoais, I likewise hope she is well. Misa-sama’s J-lifestyle blog mentioned exams in its last entry, (which predates her most recent public posting here) but those would have been finished by now.

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