On Hiatus (2)

Hi everyone, Whitesora here.

It’s been quite a while since this project was put on hiatus so, after talking with Misa, we decided to move it to our “Needing a translator” section. What that means is… Exactly what it looks like: if there’s anyone willing to continue working on this project in Misa’s place, just apply to become a translator (here‘s a quick link to our staff recruitment page).

With that said, I’ll leave the rest to you readers, hoping that one day we’ll be able to resurrect this project.

– Whitesora

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4 thoughts on “On Hiatus (2)

    • You’re not the only one in that situation. I’ve found it to be a struggle reading the eight published volumes with my grade three vocabulary and a tome-like 15,000 page Japanese-English dictionary.

      I feel that unless Whitesora is willing to put together a team of translators, this will probably be his first of many translator requests for this roughly 2,700 Japanese page project. (a single translator will rapidly suffer burnout from this high-stress task, but a team can maintain a more consistent style while the others recover)

  1. This is sad, even if you find a new translator, hmm…
    I wanted Misa_sama to contenue, but I guess there is no choice but to hope to find a translator, a good translator .

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