About This Translation

Original Series Summary (from Wikipedia)

Doremi Harukaze, 3rd grade student at Misora Elementary School, claims to be the world’s unluckiest pretty girl. Fascinated by witchcraft, she is drawn into a mysterious shop where she meets Majo Rika and is able to deduce that this lady is in fact a real witch. Being exposed by a human triggers a curse that transforms witches into magical frogs. To regain her original body, Rika must turn Doremi into a witch by teaching her how to use magic. Thrilled by this odd development, Harukaze becomes a witch apprentice. Unfortunately, her two best friends, Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Senoo, discover that Doremi has become a magic user. Afraid that Harukaze might become a magical frog too, Majo Rika recruits both Hazuki and Aiko and makes them witch apprentices too. The trio has lots of adventures as they try to triumph the necessary trials to become real witches.

Novel Summary (Taken from Wikia)

Doremi Harukaze is in her 1st year of high school now! Doremi is very excited to meet her friends from elementary school, but Onpu Segawa is nowhere to be seen… While on the road back, memories come flooding back, but why is the MAHO Dou still standing!?

Ojamajo Doremi Team Biographies

Fiona AvatarTranslator – Mo

There’s not much to say about me; I’m just lowkey anime trash irl.
Supervisor – Whitesora:

“Who is Whitesora”, you ask? Just some random guy, from some random place. You know, like those useless secondary characters in games.”We want to know more”, you say? Sorry, but there is really nothing more, aside that I like LNs with a school/day-by-day setting; I also completely love Touhou.”There must be something else”? Maybe. Not much to tell the truth: I joined here as an editor with no experience, but I’ll do my best to become a veteran editor; it should be a secret to everybody, but I’m also working on an original LN (even though I’m still far from the end).

Elenrod's avatar Editor – Elenrod:

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I want to edit or anything, okay?

(RL fact: After the San Antonio Spurs lost to the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Elenrod curled up on the sofa and marathoned Bakemonogatari to try to forget the pain.)


One thought on “About This Translation

  1. @Whitesora, you’re not alone. When I joined the staff at Doremi fansubs seven years ago, I had a similar lack of experience at QC. (the fansub equivalent of proofreading) Unlike many LN editors though, we had access to the original work and several native speakers of Japanese available on IRC to assist when Ladholyman’s translations “didn’t make sense”.

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