Volume 1


I am Harukaze Doremi, a high school freshman! And today is my elementary school reunion. I should be able to meet Hazuki-chan and Ai-chan, but why isn’t Onpu-chan there…? What has happened to her? And then, the MAHO-do is somehow back at its nostalgic place? I feel that this is going to cause so much chaos. Will I become a witch apprentice again? Will I? What should I do~?


Chapter 1: Spring in full bloom
Chapter 2: MAHO-do opens for business
Chapter 3: Now, off to Hokkaido
Chapter 4: Summer☆Twinkle
Chapter 5: Believe in your dreams
Chapter 6: Run towards tomorrow!
Interview with Chiba Chiemi (Harukaze Doremi’s seiyuu)

PDF and ePub Versions


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