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3 thoughts on “Color Illustrations

    • @Sel: While the school uniform might be standardized, schools rarely forbid accessorizing (ribbons, vests, etc) outside of school hours. Because Onpu and Hadzuki attend different schools from Doremi and Aiko, the girls would find it quite difficult to gather like this during school hours.

      Before I get flamed about it, I know the older romanization scheme I use results in Miss Fujiwara’s given name appearing to be misspelled. Because the “zu” in her name is voiced, (the vocal chords are used) this spelling is actually closer to the way it sounds.

  1. Oh I see. I never really knew that, I mean I always knew the Japanese were strict on their uniforms and such, but I see now that they can accessorize outside of school. I’m not trying to be rude or anything and your reply gave me a lot of interesting information, but Aiko’s outfit looks like a whole different uniform completely. Like the whole design of it, or I guess she’s just wearing a different outfit? But then you rarely see Aiko in a skirt in the first place, so I would think that’s her school uniform.

    Oh I have no problem with you spelling her name “Hadzuki” because I alternate between Fujiwara’s two names “Hazuki” and Hadzuki”.

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