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So… Yeah. We’re back to this, again.

Many of you probably saw it coming, but we’re gonna have to put Ojamajo on hiatus once again: sadly, even though things were looking promising, we completely lost contact with Mo, our new translator, right after re-opening the project.

Again, sorry about this. If anyone wants to apply for this translator position, please feel free to do so.

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On hiatus… Not anymore!

Hi everyone, Whitesora here.

So… As you may have noticed already from the title, there’s some good news for all of you: the translation of Ojamajo is finally resuming!

Our new translator, Mo, is going to keep translating from where Misa left off (which is, from Volume 2 Chapter 6), and will hopefully stick with us all the way until the end of this trip.

Keep in mind, though, that we’d still love some more help to make this translation go even more smoothly so, if you want to, feel free to apply as editors from our staff recruitment page (here’s a quick link to it ). We have open spots in other projects, too!

Anyway, let’s give Mo a warm welcome, and a toast for a NDT project coming back to life!

– Whitesora


On Hiatus (2)

Hi everyone, Whitesora here.

It’s been quite a while since this project was put on hiatus so, after talking with Misa, we decided to move it to our “Needing a translator” section. What that means is… Exactly what it looks like: if there’s anyone willing to continue working on this project in Misa’s place, just apply to become a translator (here‘s a quick link to our staff recruitment page).

With that said, I’ll leave the rest to you readers, hoping that one day we’ll be able to resurrect this project.

– Whitesora

On Hiatus

Hi everyone, Whitesora here.

Some of you might have already seen this coming, but after waiting for a long time Misa-chan, the translator for Ojamajo, didn’t come back.

For this reason this project is now officially labeled as “On Hiatus/Inactive” and will stay like this for a while. If nothing changes after some time we’ll put this along with the other projects that are currently waiting for a translator.

For now, it’s been a fun ride while it lasted, but I hope it’ll resume in the near future.

– Whitesora

Small Status Update

SMALL UPDATE: Stuff kept going on, so Misa-chan, our translator, decided that it would be for the best to take a small break from translating Ojamajo. As soon as things will finally settle down the translation should resume without too many problems. (A small update in a small update… Please, don’t kill me)


Hi everyone, Whitesora here.
I just wanted to let you know that this translation project is NOT dead: stuff has been going on, so our translator, Misa-chan, didn’t have the time to work on her project for those last months.
Don’t worry though: even if it’s going really slowly, the translation is still going and, if everything goes as scheduled, Chapter 6 of Volume 2 should be uploaded by next weekend.

Thanks for your patience.

– Whitesora

Chapter 5 Part 2

Chapter 5 Part 2 is completed, edited and up!!! Enjoy~~~



Dear all~

Part 1 of chapter 5 is up!!!!


The next part will be up as soon as possible, so please bear with me! m(_ _)m

Thanks all!

Update – 19 October 2014


Chapter 5 will be finished (hopefully) by end of this week!! This one’s a long chapter, almost as long as Chapter 1!

Anyway, here’s a small preview to whet your appetite~

“Yada-kun has been suspended, so he won’t be going to school tomorrow,” Hazuki-chan suddenly spoke with a flat voice.

“Huh…? What? What happened?”

I didn’t know how else to respond, or what questions to ask. Glancing around, I saw that I wasn’t the only one frozen in shock. Even Majorika and Lala had stopped preparing tea.

“I don’t know much myself; Yada-kun refused to talk to me about it. It’s just that you may hear some strange rumours tomorrow and start to worry, so let me update everyone with what I know first.”

So saying, Hazuki-chan launched into a full account of what had happened on Saturday.

GB-san’s band was scheduled to play on Saturday night, and Yada-kun had made his way to the “Five Pennies” by afternoon. The club was open for lunchtime, and would close for a break from 3-6 p.m, in order to prepare for the night’s performance, clean up the place and prepare food for the night.

The performance ended past 8 p.m., and the next show was scheduled to come on at 9 p.m. Customers and band members alike were moving in and out of the club, and the staff was kept busy with their work.

As the second show would end at 11 p.m., Yada-kun left the club right after the first show, keeping to his promise to Hazuki-chan and Leon. However, as he was leaving the club, a group of punks approached and insulted him, resulting in a quarrel and fight, leading to Yada-kun’s suspension.

“He wasn’t the one who started it, but he did initiate the fight. It also got the club into trouble. Right now, he feels that a break from school isn’t so bad, since he now has more time to practise on his trumpet,” Hazuki-chan concluded.

“That’s a careless way to think of things. He should have clarified things; then he might have been let off with just a warning,” Onpu-chan chided. I totally agreed with her.

“Doremi-chan, let’s just see what happens tomorrow, but I don’t know how to tell Leon about Yada-kun’s current predicament,” Ai-chan sighed as she patted me on the shoulder.

“Yep, you’re right. Alright, we’ll report back to everyone here tomorrow,” I said.

We were all still worried, but as Hazuki-chan seemed to have calmed down a little, we decided to wait till Monday to decide on what to do.

Look forward to the full chapter soon~~~


Update – 25 July 2014


Chapter 4 is now up!!! And chapter 5’s translation is well underway too~

Enjoy, and take care! *kisses*


Update – 28 June 2014

Hey fellow Ojamajo~

Just a small apology that this next chapter is taking a while, as I just returned from a long vacation. m(_ _)m Will do my very best to get the chapter up and out within the next 2 weeks, so just hang in there!!!

In exchange, here’s a short snippet from the upcoming chapter, when the Ojamajo go ghost-hunting. 😉


We were chatting happily when the topic of New Year shrine visits came up. I was telling everyone how I’d never knew about that shrine which was a mere fifteen minute walk from my house.

“There were lots of trees, but it was still quite bright and cheerful. Pop wrote a votive tablet there too.”

I thought it was an interesting topic, yet everyone had fallen silent. In fact, Ai-chan and Shinshuu-kun had really weird expressions on their faces.

“W-what’s wrong? Is something the matter?” I asked as I pulled on Ai-chan’s shirt collar. “Ai-chan, do you know something about the place? What is it? Is it haunted or something?”

“No, Harukaze-san, there’s nothing to worry about,” Shinshuu-kun hurriedly assured me.

“But we prayed for Pop’s success there! And Mum and Dad told us that it was a great place too! No—,” I blubbered as I started to panic.

“Shinshuu-kun already told you not to worry,” Ai-chan replied, flustered.

Just then, Onpu-chan stepped in to break up the pandemonium.

“Yes, it’s true that something has happened there recently, right? Shinshuu-kun, do you know anything about that?”

Yes, Onpu-chan was always the calm and reliable one.

“You mean those spiky things? Or that hundred worship ritual thing?” Momo-chan interjected.

Just what are you rambling about, Momo-chan?

“Actually, I’ve heard some rumours too. It’s not that far from Karen Girls’ Academy’s campus, and some friends who take that road to school during the winter vacation had told me some scary stories,” Hazuki-chan whispered, trembling like a baby squirrel.

“But it’s really nothing to be afraid of. It’s just that some people have been hearing children’s voices there…”

“Could it be a murder? I mean, it was pretty empty when we visited, even though it was New Year’s Day!”

Aaah—. Pop, run for your life—.

“Calm down, Doremi-chan. Shinshuu-kun, please tell us more,” Onpu-chan requested, completely ignoring my panic.

“Actually, I was thinking of going to check it out. Shall we all go together?” Shinshuu-kun asked.

Shinshuu-kun then arranged to meet us at the shrine after he had dropped off his cake at home. As the cakes in the shop had been mostly sold out, we made quick work of tidying up the shop and getting the materials ready for tomorrow.


Hope you enjoyed that!! ^_^ Look forward to the full chapter soon~~~